Electrical Services

We provide top of the class electrical services in Singapore for residential and commercial buildings . We have a large range of tools, contacts within the electrical industry to handle services for many different properties.

Common Problems Or Situations That Require Electricianselectrical services

  • Fuse trips
  • Light does not work
  • Sockets not working
  • Phone does not work
  • Intercom system faulty
  • Need new lights or sockets
  • Instalation of Ceiling fan
  • Resetting a circuit breaker
  • Instalation of light switch
  • Instalation of fitting
  • Change loaction of powerpoint
  • Change pre-existing electrical wiring
  • Resetting a safety switch

All of our licensed electricians are specialize in:

Customized Electrical Appliances and Equipment Repair

Faulty power outlet?
Have a unique or imported appliances that is faulty?
Unable to locate the service center?
We provide customized electrical services for electrical equipment/appliances repair, service and troubleshoot. We conduct a free assessment before any repair work.
Ceiling fan Repair (slow moving, cannot control fan speed, faulty remote control), Standing fan and wall fan repair (slow moving), Ceiling Fan Installation and Balancing, Power Socket Installation, Lighting Repair, Bulb Replacement, Electrical Oven Repair, Electrical Evaluation, Electrical Repair


24hr Electrician Site visit, Electrical Power Failure, Electrical Power Trip, Circuit Breaker, Short Circuit, Electrical Troubleshooting, Lighting Power Trip
Guarantee and Reliable Electrician Services:
Licensed Electrician provide free on-site service and 30 days cover on parts repaired.
We ensure you are satisfied with our service at pocket saving cost.
Electrical Safety

Basic Safety you should know – is you can make a difference in ensuring the safety of your home and family by:

  • read electrical instruction carefully.
  • using the services of licensed electrical contractors.
  • ensuring you arrange for electrical inspections if you are concerned about your home’s electrical system, or if you are doing electrical work.

Electrical Appliance Repair

We also provide services for customized electrical repair. For any appliance that’s is off the beaten track. Unable to find the appropriate electrical specialist to fixed your electrical equipment or electrical appliances?

We are experienced in customized electrical repair from designer light to imported electrical equipment. Feel free to give us a call. No charges if it is not fixed!